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For those of you who want to take advantage of the blog / website to make money, I hope this article can help you. As well as one of the website ads that will pay us is CPX24.com, unlike other PTC, just pay us each time a user clicks on the ad.

However, every time we pay CPX24 blog / website you visit. For now I am also trying to depth. Let us try together to prove whether this PTC really make a payment or not, there never is any of the promotions on the internet right?

Well, just to the topic, the first one done is sign up at cpx24.com
Registration is very easy,
click on the address http://www.cpx24.com
then select the Sign-Up and confirmation through email.yang you registered.
Once completed, please go to the PTP Links. There you will be treated to a second two options / choices for displaying advertisements from cpx24 in blog / your website, although it suggests the banner ads,

But it would not going to be wrong if you put 2 CPM, the banner and popunder Ad Code.
for more details, you can open the images below and see examples.

After that you need to do is make a few modifications in blog / your website by placing ads from script to script HTML cpx24.com. This time I will cite in blogger.

You have to login to blogger first, then go to menu layout, and add the widget / gadget with the option of a new HTML / Text. Then enter your script earlier in the Content option as shown below.

But there are other ways, namely by clicking on the settings in your blog, then edit as above, and click Save. And wait, 1 x 24 hours, and your blog will start to be paid each day. Although payment is very small, but it never hurts to try khan, because we do not need to pay for doing the above.

And the minimum payment (payout) to our paypal is $ 0.5

Good luck
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