Predict The Children Gender with Chinese Calendar

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When I browsing on the largest indonesian forum community (, there a forum  that discuss about "Kids & Parent" it's has a "Predict The Children Gender with China Calendar". Just in my mind, what an amazing thread it is, then I could share to another ones.

Also my wife has already pregnant for 5 months, and last menstruation on February, so I could inform to you, maybe that's the time of fertilization.

On another time, I usually discuss with my wife about our children gender. We have different idealism about children, but its not gone to be worse, we have to appreciate with our spouse. My wife want to have a daughter otherwise me.

And what about You? do you like boy or girl? Its depend on you right. I just want to share about one of the way we could predict our children. This prediction based on Chinese Calendar or Fiji Calendar. This calendar system was hundreds of years old, this ancient parchment has already found in tombs of monks in Beijing that buried after 700 years ago (today it's saved on Beijing Institute of Science). After the archaeologist has research, this parchment have content the table of baby gender prediction and have been claimed has accuracy to 99%.

This Chinese Calender just count on mothers ages in the beginning of pregnancy or when its fertilization

The Picture of Chinese Calendar, It's inform you on indonesian language, so I'll give some clue. On the left of table it's the age when mothers get pregnant, and the column after was the month the fertilization began.

This calendar also help the couple to predict the gender of the baby, boys or girls.
I hope it could help you.

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